Broken Genesis

Meet Domiel, King of the Incubi

Domiel Is the King of all Incubi, a title he never wanted nor wished to continue, but did until their Father left them all. Lost without a purpose he wondered the world until one decicion changed everything he ever knew about creation.

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Broken Genesis

Domiel returns to a town he would have rather forgotten, but a promise he made to his first and only mortal love forced him back with mixed emotions after the American Civil War. Within days he stumbles onto a plan that would not only destroy the town but would create a Hell on Earth the likes he had foresaken over two thousand years before.

Steven's Mortal Coil

As the years progress and Steven’s immortality becomes a growing problem Domiel decides to take him on a trip across America to discover his latent powers. While in DC they are confronted with every level of Demon and Angel all with their own agenda, and nearly every one of them wanting Steven Dead.


A message from an old friend brings warning to Domiel that the world he has created just might come crashing down. With the Ancient Demons and Angels alike closed off he learns that the darker Evils of their world are coming up to take over and they have no issues with who or what they kill to get what they want.

Even if it destroys the world to get it.

It will take everything he has to stop them all even if it takes his life.

A Night on the Town with Dallas

In town for the day Dallas convinces his Angel and Demon friends to go out on a pub crawl. Along the way they discover a weird time slip that has them ending up heavily drunk in a pub that no Immortal would be caught dead in with a group of people they have never met spurring Dallas to discover the truth as to why he ends up beyond drunk in a sombrero being kissed by an Emo goth.