Meet Porter...

…He’s walked with mankind for hundreds of years and has grown to hate pretty much everything about them, yet he can not help himself when someone calls in need of his experience and skills. He drinks too much, smokes too much and is jaded to all things human… while still trying to save them… go figure.

Books Series:

Bridge of Destiny – Book 1
– Teenage demon exorcism – what could go wrong there?

Order of Crows – Book 2
– You’ve got mail – from a dead enemy?

Impulse –Book 3
– Humanities destruction – let’s help that along.

Demon Soup – Book 4
– Magic, it’s not real, and if it is – kill it.

Porter Book One - Bridge of Destiny

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Bridge of Destiny

While on a routine job to remove a possible Demon from a teenage boy Porter stumbles onto a much bigger and darker problem that could kill not just himself but everyone in town that would unleash an evil across the world.

Order of the Crow

After receiving an email from a long dead enemy Porter embarks on an investigation that unearths a Society whos only goal is to kill all of magic by destroying the moon.

Demon Soup

Porter is dragged into a bitter war with a Secret Society that eats Magic users to gain their knowledge and power and who are hell bent on taking over the role of the Elders which will start a massive itradication of Magicians by canibalism.


After witnessing several dark and deadly moments of impulsive behavior Porter quickly discovers that someone with great power is setting up humanity for a massive act of self destruction.

Christopher e. Duncan

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