and how she’s not always a bitch.

So the last I had posted was my little fun time of possibly becoming homeless, needless to say at the 11th hour we found a place, completely by accident, so a guy who buys repo houses had just finished the practically insane process to buy himself another house to rent out, with no direct thought of having anyone move in until he had time to get the place in order (it had sat vacant for over a year) we threw him an email in the off chance he might have had something else.

He didn’t, but after we gave him a run down regarding my maintenance history he was very interested in our proposal of moving in and fix it up for him, given we had all our own appliances (ze house had nothing, due to you know… being repossessed) plus all the paint and materials we had for fixing up the now dead stick old house, so both parties threw caution to the wind and wham bam we signed the contract on Saturday August 29th (he just got the keys the day before) 2 days before we had to vacate the old place….that’s pretty fucking too close for my comfort zone on any level…

So we took 3 days to move and spent far too much money that wasn’t part of the 6 month budget, so now I’ll be heading back out into the rat race for awhile longer until our business plans get fully underway, but at least we aren’t sitting under a bridge leaching wifi from the Starpukes down the road.

It did make me think about the situation on the whole though, as I mentioned in my last blog post, it really doesn’t take but an instant to become homeless in this day and age, you’d kinda think by now we would have gone in the other direction (Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown totally fucking lied to us about oct 21st 2015) during my many trips heading downtown to work, or even when I had to go up to Seattle for those 6 months I saw a lot of tents off the main roads and under bridges, gradually I didn’t even notice how more and more were cropping up weekly, I always noticed them, but they became landscape (don’t judge me) if you know what I mean.

Like when I first moved back across the river, my trip changed from hopping on the train then grabbing a bus at Sunset transit station to just one bus crossing the river and driving along it watching people in their boats or just the water rapidly heading towards the ocean, after a few months it become the norm and I no longer soaked it in like I first did it is a sad thing to admit to yourself, and to realize just how we as a society are fucked up in regards to the homelessness happening pretty much everywhere, hell most people I know are living on other peoples couches or basement because they can’t afford to live on their own, most studio apartments go for around $1,000.00 these days, back in just 2008 they were up for $400 a fucking month!! sure they were the smaller variety but you still had a place to call home.

A lot of people go on about the current condition America is in, not just the increasing homeless but school shootings, and many other violent crimes happening more and more each day, but they fail to acknowledge on many levels that their countries are not in any better of a condition (shootings aside in most cases) like my small bio states I was born in the UK and grew up in Sydney Australia I’ve read many articles regarding the degrading conditions the general public find themselves in these days…..but I’m babbling again.

In the end I like to think there is such a thing called karma, I’ve always tried to do right, harm none (intentionally) and just live a peacful life, when things like this new house coming up with 2 days left to go (we had set up for our kids to go to their respective parent while we had booked a storage unit to at least keep our stuff safe while we lived in the car) I like to think that it was down to karma, but who knows at the end of the day.

I just know we were one of the lucky ones…