So, first off I guess the best thing to do is tell you a little about myself.

There is a small bio on the main page that pretty much sums it up,

but, I figured the first blog should fill it in a little bit more.

As it mentions I was born in England, Liverpool to be precise

and, moved to Australia when I was just a baby, so that was the bigger influence of my life, we did travel a lot, a bug I caught hard,

and, continued to travel much of my 20’s away, I did return to England and lived there for awhile, but the pull to travel some more was too great,

and I was off again.

I’m a firm believer that everyone should spend their 20’s traveling the world, understanding other peoples cultures, to me at least would build a better world,

or at least a not so violent one, but it is human nature to let the darkness creep in, why else are movies like Hostel, and Saw so popular?

For the record, I actually lived in hostels during my travels in Europe, and they are not like the movie…….shocker I know.

So my travels finally brought me to America, Portland Oregon, where my son was born, and here I now reside.

My site is in the teething stages as I add more poetry, and soon my gallery, the photos I will be putting up are all mine, just random places or things that catch my eye.

Like my writing some will be good, some will be better than others, but feel free to post comments or even shoot me an email, I’m pretty open to communication, and criticism.

A lot of my work is in rough form, it’s how I like it, I’m not a fan of conformist poetry, if poetry is defined by rules/laws it is no longer poetry, I’m not a fan of Grammar Nazi’s either, so you can leave that by the door as you come in.

So, that’s about it for my first blog, I hope as you come through you decide to hang around, there are 4 books of poetry I’ve written and a fifth on its way, so there will always be fresh work being up loaded as I continue to build, and I’m always taking pictures that will be posted on here.

I hope you enjoy my work!