So its been awhile since I last blogged or posted a shitty poem. My reasons are good at least as I’ve been hitting the writing pretty bloody hard and have amassed 4 books (Nothing major just good quick reads) and 4 Novellas attached to said books while setting up book 5 in the process, so I’ve been pretty pre occupied.

Still…. it doesn’t stop me from watching the news as all the world seems to be turning to shit in front of my very eyes no matter what country you reside in…

Don’t worry I’m not going political nor religious as I think both subjects are as batshit insane as the other.

My father was a good man, I wouldn’t say great as I still see him from 10 year old eyes, but this haggard old fart that is typing understands many of the reasons he didn’t want to play games as he dragged his arse through the front door right after work, not to mention why he got so pissed at my using his tools to destroy my Star Wars figures in a massive intergalactic battle against Transformers… and damaging said tools in the process.

Sadly… hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

He still gave me a small handful of snippets of advice. (Please note: if you’re reading this and it reads kinda weird… I’m drinking… sue me.) He was short in his advice, I was the youngest of 4, so I guess it was a given really… (I never even got THE talk… although he did ask me if I was gay once, but I think that was down to the fact I hated cars and sports… but I could be wrong… it was the mid 80’s after all) anyway, the poor bastard was tired, and the last thing he wanted to deal with was a me… being… well me… a somewhat strange child is all I can imagine really…. Still!! Never talk about Politics. Never talk about religion, and always protect your feet, that was the bounty of advice and I took it.

I grew up not really liking my father all that much, yet now as I’m at the age I’m pretty sure he was when I was just getting into my teens? I totally get the man, and I feel sorry for all the bullshit I put him through, I just wish I was able to tell him that before he died… still thats just the usual human bullshit we all do right?

Still… his advice? it saved me when I lived in Ireland, and the locals wanted to know where I stood on all things religious. I just said I was from Australia and they took that for what it was… whatever that was I never did figure out.

Now in America? I can’t vote so I don’t have an opinion. Seems to get me out of weird ass conversations regarding the current wack-a-mole shit that is going on these days. The irony of it all though… is that I’ve chatted to friends in England and Australia that have made the comments of how messed up things are going over here the the USA. Yet the almost identical shit seems to be happening across the world.

I made the comment the other night to my better half that I, for the first time in my life was actually tempted to make an aluminum foil hate just to see what would happen… now normally I laughed at the thought, but after we read through a few articles regarding just how much our surroundings are filled with wifi waves, cell tower waves, microwaves, and god knows what other waves that we started to think about giving it a try.

Only from a writers perspective mind you, I’m not that bloody crazy… still haven’t done it yet mind you, but the thought is still there lingering in the background like a creepy uncle at a pretty pretty princess party.

So as the world keeps turning… for now at least, I shall keep plugging along with my books, and hopefully should get the first one, and the first novella out into the world here pretty soon.

So if you’re interested keep on checking in, I’ll get back to being on here more often once I’ve wrapped up novella 5, and set the plans for book 5.