It’s the 26th of December.

The day after Christmas, I’ve always had that feeling of loss the next day.

We wait all year, count the days down, then BAM!! it’s over.


When I was a kid I would already start to regret as I watched the day ebb away on the clock face.

I was a weird kid anyway really, that was just one of my many oddities lol

Still, as I grew older I would watch the lead up to Christmas, the emotional feelings you get as lights start to go up, Christmas music could be heard in the stores, you name it.

It was an encompassing emotional roller-coaster for me.

These days?

Meh….. I see people screaming at each other, flipping each other off in the parking lot, pushing past you in the fueled xmas belief you were about to grab the last “Must have” toy on the shelf.

We have lost the plot…..completely….

Christmas has become this consumer entity, the best of, the most of, and pardon my French, the fuck you if you’re getting that, and my kid isn’t!!

I’ve seen fights in stores for some friggin Sesame Street toy, and people nearly get into fist fights for the closest parking spot to the store.

We have lost the plot sadly.

I’m not going to go on about Baby Jesus and all that jazz, religion is not my thing at all, but I respect its elements, it’s basic foundations if you will.

I don’t respect that they took a Pagan holiday, and smashed it into oblivion to gather all sects into one grouping.

I’m more referring to the whole aspect of Christmas, the love, family blah blah blah…

While it’s still there, a major chunk of WTF its actually is about has been lost.

It’s just an observation from me really, it’s the next day, so I’m being the Ghost of Christmas just passed…

We had a good Christmas, gave presents you know….the usual thing people do….unless you’re a JW or a Mormon mind you.

Maybe they have it right?

You don’t see them beating the crap out of each other for a stuffed massed produced POS their kid will forget 15 minutes after opening it….

Personally, now that I’m older, New Years Eve is my personal Christmas, it seems to have a deeper element of excitement for adults, and they tend to be less violent….well until sometime after midnight lol

So maybe I’m really the Ghost of New Years Christmas Future, that one night when all the real Spirits come out to play…and be consumed lol

Either way I’m babbling utter shit now, so I hope you all had a great Christmas (Don’t forget the Pagans now) and a fantastic New Year! (Pending true)

Whatever you do….do NOT make New Years Resolutions….we all know they are total bullshit, they are things we wish we could do, but know deep in our hearts we are full or more shit than a Christmas Goose about actually completing…well that’s my thing at least, you guys might be different….lol yeah bullshit….


Enjoy your New Years, don’t punch anyone, waking up in jail would be a shitty way to start your going to the gym resolution. 😉