I tried to visualize, the life style of the general public,

and by that have no fear I’m well aware I am embedded within the general public as you are.

I mean those that are content to wake Monday to Friday at the sickening buzz of electronic hate

that emanates from a little box of pure evil.

While that might sound a little over dramatic, or even with a tip of the hat to a writers over active thought process

it still remains, clocks are taunting us with the knowledge that time is passing us by.

Those that choose to stick with the daily rat race……they are an enigma to me on nearly all levels.

who wants to get up and earn money for someone else, and get 1% back to pay bills plus insurance, food, your lodgings

in the hope there might be a little left over for yourself.

I do understand many didn’t choose the race, like myself we wake one day thinking WTF?

How did I allow this?

Better yet, when did I allow this?!

I wonder back to when I traveled, I feel greedy as I lived pretty free in my 20’s

and many do that, then put theirs noses to the grind stone and get serious.

I never could lose that feeling of freedom.

So as I walk down grey streets in downtown Portland, I people watch.

I question, then doubt creeps in like a murderer from a Shakespeare play, knife in hand

Ill intent dripping from tainted lips.

One question often pushing it’s way through to the front of the line like a bitter old lady demanding half price for a family bag of cat litter,


Why do we work ourselves to death, while ignoring the rest of the world?

I’ve spoken to many, and the running theme is “It’s just the way it is, we were not born into money thus must earn it best we can”

The thing is……..it’s not “Just the way it is” that is an idiom we were weened on from birth.

We have the power to change our lives, to reach our own goals, and to earn the other 99% of that pay check.

Screw big business, and embrace the god damn world before death comes knocking on our doors

while that wretched clock spits its shrill vomit into our ears!!

Little dramatic maybe, but that’s how my mind thinks.

Anyway must get back to work.

Don’t want to lose my 9-5 now do I?