Right, well I use to have several different websites but decided it will be easier to slap them all together here under one darling little gem covered roof (I’m still working on them) still after the link for redirect was set up I clicked it and went straight to a fucking full screen warning that if you go any further you are in “Danger” of having your info stolen from my site….. wtf?

Given no one is required to sign up to read my shit nor do they have to part with any money or input their credit info in to read my afore mentioned shit I’m kinda pissed off at this new “Security” crap that is being imposed supposedly come Jan 2017 on every fucking website (you’re a little fucking early internet pricks) while researching this new law I also discovered you have to bloody pay to get the new set up otherwise this warning will never go away….. sorry folks but money does make the world go around, love is laying in an old dirt road ditch bleeding out.

I can’t see good things coming this next year in regards to we the common folk ever getting a good time of it, we seem to be on this endless rollercoaster that has been constantly leaning towards the ground with every passing year (don’t worry I’m not going to get into politics or bash either party) more so given I’m not an American and do not have the right to vote so it is not my right to talk about it on a public forum…. I can, but it don’t git ya laid. 

Still, I’ve been watching as burgers get smaller, boxes of cereal, crackers, deli meats (pre packaged) cheese you name it everything is getting smaller while the prices are going up. Lucky for me my girlfriend is as anal as I am, and we have been watching the “weight” on our favorite bag of cheddar and sour cream chips, it has been growing ever smaller every year while the price now sits around $4.99 for the same bag, we even put a regular size next to the “Family” size and they are identical….. shocker right?

I’m digressing as I always do. My site does not, will not, has not ever “Stolen” anyones personal information… because well you know….. I don’t have anyway to get it… and there is nowhere you as a reader can even submit it….coz I don’t bloody want it, when my books come out, they will be on a secure site via the usual network of book sellers online, plus our personal business website cueravenpublishing (which is on the secure set up that I’m currently bitching about)

The thing that has me most pissed off about this, is that there is a box you can tick to submit my website to google to report me as a potential ID thief, now given most people that see those kinds of warnings tend to panic, I think it is utter bullshit that google has now given the general public this ability to report (I know they always could, but this is a blind report that can take down a persons site for nothing more than ignorance) maybe I’m being a drama lama who knows but at the end of the day it still pisses me off that the pic below is what you get, I wouldn’t want to fucking go there either unless I knew the site either….

So anyway rant over for now I guess…. at least until I go to the store and check the chip bag weights 😉