I’ve been not so much neglecting my writing site, as I pop on here every day to check things out, making sure it’s working ok, but I have not posted for quite a few months.

I have several projects going on right now, getting my books of poetry together so I can get them published, writing a Sci/Fi trilogy, and my other web site for comic collectors.

I realized last month that I’m not balancing out my time equally, I have been not so much obsessing over one project at a time, but just dedicating more time on one then moving onto another, and that’s something you can’t do.

Equal time should be put into any and all projects you are doing, plus it helps to keep each one fresh, and not get that stagnant feel about it, god knows I’ve done that on too many of an occassion, then before you know it that once amazing passionate idea seems dull and lifeless in your minds eye.

So I need to set up a schedual for splitting my time, of course there will be days when you just have to get something out, or maybe one of your sites crashes due to spammers or hackers so you don’t have much of a choice, those are understandable reasons.

Easy I thought just get up start the day, hit one then another rinse and repeat….yeah utter bullshit right there, because life gets in the way most days, things going on family issues pop up or your text obssesive teen decides to have a full on conversation about pretty much nothing at all really, maybe even finding yourself sitting on the toilet due to a rather delish but evil chicken burger that is now at Defcon one in your stomach.

I have no miricle elixir to spoon to you, this is just my thoughts on just how the hell do you do it?

After a month I’m still finding myself sitting in the yard staring at the veggie boxes I built a few months ago once barren of life now in full veggie producing goodness, somedays laptop at the ready then Facebook becons or one of the many time wasting site the world has to offer, it’s really down to dicipline at the end of the day.

We trained ourselves to get up for work no matter how crap we were feeling at the time, so we know it can be done…it just boils down to…are you willing to do it?