So!! My other three books are now available for everyone to ignore (joke)……. not really as no one has bought the first one lol shocker… Still, poetry is a hard mother to love, let alone sell… and not many like to sit and read it these days such is this electronic world we now live in.

I’ve never been one to sit in a cafe with a large latte twirling my stash while others around me make comments that sound deep and meaningful, yet if you were to break their words down didn’t mean shit at the end of the day.

Poets are a strange bunch, I’m not one to call myself a poet, yet poetry is a natural style for me to express my minds chaos… to try and break down what I see… it is an almost impossible act for me to word verbally what I do when I write it down as my minds eye tells more more than my verbal words ever could.

So… if you’re interested check them out.

Silently Screaming

Hideously Beautiful

Shadows in the Darkness