Back again!!

Been a couple of months, I’m not very good at being one of those daily bloggers, but then again you’d probably get tired of my shit within a day or two. No matter how I try, my writing can come across as….. preachy for want of a better word.

Anyway! I’ve been hella busy rewriting my novels, re-prepping my books of poetry… again (It’s actually much harder to appease the dickhead online sellers than I realized) and in general trying to keep a head above water.

Last time I posted I was doing graveyard shift, thank the Gods that ended, due the much better and industrious better half of my relationship getting a contract job for a Nike project. so I had to call it a day (Or night I guess) and get into the publishing side of our company( Cue Raven Publishing)


School started again, the house was quiet and I was ripping into my word smithing like Jack the Ripper’s first date with Mary Kelly. (That might sound a little tasteless in hind sight but oh well) but as usual with school comes all the bacteria along with it from those little bastard petri dishes with legs coughing and sneezing their germs all over the bloody world, and within days our household was more like a triage unit on the frontline of a war, bodies were littered all over the place. Moaning could be heard from every room, as kleenex was piling up like bloody swabs in different areas of the house.

OK…. it wasn’t that bad but it felt like it. So jumping into work had become a chore all in itself, with a pounding head, and a nose that flowed like bloody Niagara Falls while every fiber of my being begged to die made writing practically impossible, and when I did, it read like a 10 year olds school boys story after he had a fight with his most bestest best friend ever, and hated him for all eternity…. or until they made up again that afternoon.

As I always do, I surfed the net on the look out for interesting stuff to learn for my books, and also looking for key events in history for my current ongoing storyline to give it a more legit feel, that intern went over to youtube to watch historic events, and snippets from The History Channel (Back when they actually had shows about history on it) then as always I spied something in the suggested viewing on the right.

“Bodies left on Mt Everest” a 10 minute look at people that had died on the mountain and had never been removed.

I was all like “WTF?! what do you mean they never took them down??!” so I then proceeded to watch the video, which shocked the ever loving shit out of me to be honest, given climbers actually use other dead climbers as fucking markers (Green boots guy) to name one poor bastard.

I then watched a video on all the trash the climbing parties leave behind, tons and tons of it (Bodies aside I’m guessing) o_0

I got to thinking, climbers are really no different than big game hunters are they? they go for the thrill of it all. For hunters it’s the kill (I mean it’s not like they actually chase the poor bloody animals) for climbers it’s the thrill to making it to the very tippy top of ze world!!!…… then they leave their shit (quite literally) and then go home to boast about how much bigger their penis grew once they reached the top.

So, instead of being slightly impressed by their determination and climbing prowess, while having that never going away thought in the back of my head that is stuck on repeat saying “Seriously… why the fuck do you do it? by a postcard or something” I’m now left with a feeling of disgust that they can’t be bothered to clean up their garbage, and piles of frozen shit.

I mean how the fuck can you climb a mountain to witness the beauty of this world then abuse it by adding to the already dangerous  levels of crap at base camp? (A Chinese group have started the push to get the garbage off the mountain as it is getting so bad) It’s like me climbing on my roof without a ladder, eating lunch leaving all my garbage then taking a serious dump while I’m up there, while inviting others to join me in my endeavor.

It got me wondering who is worse? the climbers or the hunters? I mean they don’t dress it up, they are going out to track down an amazing beautiful animal then blow its fucking brains out, stuff it, then mount it on their walls for all of their other ignorant hunter friends to coo over while they sip cognac and act like narcissistic pricks at a dinner party in honor of themselves.

It seems that no matter what humans do, we always fuck over this world. Now I’m not going full throttle hippy here, it’s just my observations while supposedly searching for writing material (I got it in the end) it just boggles my mind that we think this planet will just keep on trucking.

It bugs me that I am a part of it as well, I have a laptop, smart phone, buy food in boxes, and plastic containers, but I sure as fuck don’t shoot them, or throw them on the bottom of a mountain, I recycle and all that usual shit, does it help at the end of the day? I would like to think it does, even if it’s just a small amount.

Anyway… anyone that’s read my stuff knows I’m not a big fan of the human race, we are all ignorant little rats running this maze of life trying to find our golden lump of cheese, my working on publishing my books is really no different… I just don’t hop on a crowded train anymore, but the race is still on regardless.

I was going to drivel on about the election, but thought ritual suicide while having a gaggle of geese peck my balls off sounded much more appealing, so enough about that pile of festering goat vomit.

While this blog post has no real meat in it, other than to take up server space somewhere in Texas I believe, I just felt I should post…. you know…. incase anyone wondered where I might have gotten to (Hi mum, still alive as you can see)

So until next time when I might actually have something interesting to say, stay safe, and whatever you do pay NO attention to the “What’s Trending” section on FB, it seriously lowers your IQ points.



EDIT: My better half told me I should point out that when I talk about hunters, I do mean big game hunters, not those that venture off into the woods and stalk deer n shit, her father does just that, and uses every inch of the deer…. not my thing but anyway, I wasn’t referring to those kind of hunters just an fyi 😉