So as the title says, I’m working a graveyard shift. I figured as I’m a night owl it would be an easy option to slide right on into.


My brain is currently at war with itself as the dawn creeps up, and my limbs scream a mantra of hate towards my soul. While I’ve always been active in my jobs I have also spent the last year out of the rat race sitting on my arse writing my books (The first being out now but in a test function for the most part) aptly named after my web site.

It’s on Itunes and Amazon so if you fancy checking it out please do so, that aside I knew as funds rapidly depleted from my now starving bank account I had to do something to bring in the bacon, and while I love sitting at home, coffee in hand bashing away at the keys… a bill it does not pay.

While on the bill subject yet not wanting to go into detail, due to an “Administration issue (They left $5 outstanding on a past bill instead on just adding it to the current one) our water was shut off for a few days…

This was one of the deciding factors to finally get off my arse and go back to work. Yet it also showed me just how complacent to the basic needs in life we had become, to just turn the handle and out comes your crystal clear pure water (Bullshit it smells like bloody chlorine on a good day) one of the main elements of the universe we need to survive for most is a given… it just is.

So when it was gone, it became quite a shock to the system. We did get a warning so we filled jugs pots plastic tubs bath tub you name it, still the normal functions of day to day living had come to a grinding halt to a point.

We had to watch water consumption, hold off on bathroom breaks etc etc. It was a slap in the face really. While we sit and wait for GOT to come on while munching popcorn and knocking back a few beers, and that Ad everyone hates where the kids in Africa are walking 10 miles up hill both ways just to get their mum a thimble of dirty muddy water to survive became a major guilt trip, they live like that daily, and here I was grumbling about being surrounded by storage tubs and jugs of fucking water…. the Western mind can be quite askew.

We have it so good. Yet ignore that very fact until times like this are upon us, it’s quite the culture shock to say the least, So!! it was the final act of WTF? that got me going to get a job.

Easy! I thought. I have 16 years experience in building maintenance I’ll just walk into some place slap down my Resume and ask when I do I start.

Yeah… no.

So much is changing in the employment world today. I went from having a constant full time job, to working from home that the ability to waltz into full time work again was bloody hard, so hard in fact given the amount of people vying for the same jobs numbering into the 100’s make it almost like a paper version of Gladiator… or maybe Spartacus…. that was actually a much better show. (I’d say due to the acting, and the closeness to the actual historic events but that’s bullshit, there was nudity… I wont pretend to not being a guy)

So I suddenly found myself in alien territory. After many applications were sent with only a 10% response of “Thanks but no thanks” I realized I could no longer be overly picky in what kind of job I applied for.

Hence The Graveyard Shift. A tale much more scarier than what Steven King wrote about. Anyway, I got the offer while still sitting at the desk of HR (just getting that far seemed a feat all on its own) so I went home to prep myself for working from Midnight to 8.30AM.

Easy peasy I thought, I’m up till 3AM most nights regardless right?

Yeah, well there’s a majorly big difference being up till 3AM writing, compared to being up Working till 8.30AM constantly.

So currently I’m into week two, I should be asleep right now or at least prepping to head to bed within the hour or two to get a good chunk of sleep, but my mind still refuses to accept the time change, hell since I started it has become a struggle to remember what day it is.

Right… from day one. I went to bed around 1-2PM the sun was shining ,the birds were singing their pretty songs of hate towards my soul, and I laid there… rolled over laid… covered my head with the pillow, car alarm went off, speed racer decided to take a short cut through our street… then he decided it was such a great short cut he invited his fucking friends to use it… more songs of hate from the birds…. that same fucking car alarm again… it was constant, and I ended up heading to work around 10.20PM (because my local public transport doesn’t seem to think people work at night so no buses were running) with around 2 1/2 hours sleep.

From day one my brain melted. I went home thinking it was the next day, which technically from the night before it was, but it couldn’t grasp that I was heading back to work that very same day. Once home the sun was in full bloom vomiting its radiant heat upon my darkened soul (complete with sudden appearance of serious eye bags) while I bitched venom into my cup of coffee.

Rinse with the daily noises and hateful bird calls then repeat.

Now week two…. and I’m still a mental fuck up, today is Saturday but my work day is Sunday yet I’m going into work on Saturday because I punch my card exactly at Midnight, so my 43 year old trained brain is grasping at pillow straws, my mind can hardly string a sentence (It took me awhile to write this) and getting back into writing my books is none existent.

I’m told it takes a few weeks to a few months depending on the person for this to become “Normal” and I’m not overly sure I can take comfort in either that timeline or the fact I might actually wake up one day and consider it “The Norm” on top.

So to take my mind off things my son informed me of Pokemon Go!! a real life adventure of capturing those fucking annoying stupidly named creatures from the countless cards I have bought over the years that he then shoves in a shoe box and ignores forever more (Money well spent there I have to say) but after dicking around with the App I have found myself walking around the neighborhood looking for the bloody things!

My GF laughed her arse off until her own son text her asking for help to sort out the App he himself had just downloaded, and before long I was no longer alone in my quest to imprison innocent digital creatures into a fucking ball only to pull them out to fight other said innocent creatures in a supposedly child friendly game to the near death.

Now after day two I noticed a lot of hate had started to drift into the social media which surprised me, as I had noticed many times fathers and sons (and a few daughters as well) walking along hunting Pokemon and chatting away.

The kids were getting exercise and there was that element of bonding… then I watched as groups raced around running across streets while staring at their phones and generally clogging up local store areas.

I find it sad that something with such a good concept for playing video games yet getting out and getting exercise at the same time has been yet again abused to the point it has become a social annoyance and a danger to some of its very retarded users.

I guess maybe for us it was just a time to let the brain shut off for awhile, it’s not something either of us will race across a busy highway just to catch a fucking Pikachoo (However you spell it) still, a lost child has been found as well as a dead body, so it’s not all negative lol

Yet this major wave of negativity towards the whole thing boggles my mind. While I do tend to have an opinion about almost every fucking thing under the sun (I’m a writer sue me) I usually keep said opinion to myself or voice it with my GF within the confines of our bedroom or back patio, and not vomit it all over social media. (My blog aside)

It has become almost a trend I suppose you can say, to give your opinion then call it gospel while telling everyone else that disagrees they are ignorant Obama/Trump lovers and they need to go die in a fire or find Jesus…. or both in some instances.

For the most part I have walked away from social media on a personal level, I think the stupidity that’s going on in Washington and the UK alone make up for the next 2 decades worth of pointlessness, let alone the drivel that is being vomited with such ferocity in comments sections across the board is laughable at best, and cringe worthy for the most part.

Still humans will be humans, while there is a big chunk of good knowledgable people, there is always a bigger chunk of morons that sadly have WiFi.

Well I’ve vomited enough of my drivel. I’m off to bed at 10AM in the fucking morning just in time to get up for work on Sunday…well Saturday… but still Sunday… even though it’s still Saturday… at least that’s what the schedule tells me…